Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris

Coordinates: 48°49′16″N 2°20′17″E / 48.82111°N 2.33806°E / 48.82111; 2.33806

Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, CIUP, Cité U, is a private park and foundation located in Paris, France. Since 1925, it has provided general and public services, including the maintenance of several dozen residences for students and visiting academics in the Île-de-France region, and has been officially recognized as a foundation of public interest since then.

CIUP was established after World War I by André Honnorat in cooperation with Émile Deutsch de la Meurthe in order to create a meetingplace for students, researchers and intellectuals from around the world in a spirit of peace, unity and friendly cooperation.

Several structures have been designed by architects of note, such as Le Corbusier, Willem Marinus Dudok, Heydar Ghiai and Claude Parent. The residences are organized mostly by nationality, although residents in each maison are not necessarily from the country implied by the naming of the building. Up to 30%-50% of the student residents in each maison may come from different nationalities. Students of 132 different nationalities were living in the Cité Internationale in 2006. In the early 21st century, CIUP acquired two residences outside its perimeter, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.[1]

The CIUP in the 14th arrondissement of Paris is bounded to the south by the Boulevard Périphérique, a busy highway that circles the border of Paris, and to the north by the Parc Montsouris.


Name Affiliation/dedication Architect(s) Inauguration Picture
1 Fondation Rosa Abreu De Grancher Rosa Abreu De Grancher, Cuba Albert Laprade 1932
2 Residence André Honnorat André Honnorat 1953
3 Fondation Argentine Argentine 1928
4 Maison des Étudiants Arméniens Armenia 1930
5 Maison des Arts et Métiers École nationale supérieure d'arts et métiers 1949
6 Maison de l'Asie du Sud-Est Southeast Asia Pierre Martin, Maurice Vieu 1930
7 Fondation Avicenne
(former Pavillon de l'Iran)
(formerly Iran)
Heydar Ghiai, Claude Parent 1969
8 Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre Belgium, Luxembourg Armand Guéritte 1924
9 Maison du Brésil Brazil Le Corbusier, Lucio Costa 1954
10 Maison du Cambodge Cambodia Alfred Audoul 1957
11 Maison des Etudiants Canadiens Canada Olivier Le Bras 1925
12 Fondation Danoise Denmark Kaj Gottlob 1932
13 Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe Émile Deutsch de la Meurthe,
Louise Deutsch de la Meurthe
Lucien Bechmann 1925
14 Collège d'Espagne Spain 1927
15 Fondation des États-Unis United States Of America Pierre Leprince-Ringuet 1930
16 Collège Franco-Britannique Franco-British relations Pierre Martin, Maurice Vieu 1937
17 Residence André de Gouveia André de Gouveia, Portugal 1960
18 Fondation Haraucourt Haraucourt, Island of Bréhat, Brittany, France 1939
19 Maison Heinrich Heine Heinrich Heine, Germany 1956
20 Fondation Hellénique Greece Nicolas Zahos 1932
21 Maison de l'Inde India 1967
22 Maison des Industries Agricoles et Alimentaires[2] Industry of agriculture in France 1954
23 Maison de l'Institut National Agronomique Agronomy in France 1928
24 Maison de l'Italie Italy Piero Portaluppi 1958
25 Maison du Japon Japan Pierre Sardou 1929
26 Maison du Liban Lebanon Jean Vernon, Bruno Philippe 1948
27 Residence Lila
(19th arrondissement of Paris)
48°52′44″N 2°24′35″E / 48.8789°N 2.4097°E / 48.8789; 2.4097
Lila 2005
28 Residence Lucien Paye Lucien Paye Albert Laprade 1949
29 Maison du Maroc Morocco 1953
30 Maison du Mexique Mexico 1953
31 Fondation de Monaco Monaco Julien Médecin 1937
32 Collège Néerlandais[3] Netherlands Willem Marinus Dudok 1926
33 Maison de Norvège Norway Reidar Lund 1954
34 Maison des Provinces de France Countryside provinces of France Armand Guéritte 1933
35 Residence Quai de la Loire
(19th arrondissement of Paris)
48°53′16″N 2°22′45″E / 48.8879°N 2.3791°E / 48.8879; 2.3791
36 Residence Robert Garric Robert Garric 1936
37 Maison de la Suède Sweden Peder Clason, Germain Debré 1931
38 Pavillon Suisse Switzerland Le Corbusier 1930
39 Maison de la Tunisie Tunisia Jean Sebag 1953
40 Fondation Victor Lyon Victor Lyon 1950

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