For the commune in the Indre department, see Ciron, Indre.
Country France
Main source Landes
135 m (443 ft)
River mouth Garonne
44°36′3″N 0°18′5″W / 44.60083°N 0.30139°W / 44.60083; -0.30139Coordinates: 44°36′3″N 0°18′5″W / 44.60083°N 0.30139°W / 44.60083; -0.30139
Progression GaronneAtlantic Ocean
Physical characteristics
Length 97 km (60 mi)
  • Average rate:
    3 m3/s (110 cu ft/s)

The Ciron is a left tributary of the Garonne, in Gironde, Southwest France.


The Ciron rises in the eastern end of the Moors of Gascony, in Landes. It flows north-west, mainly through the moors of Gironde, crosses the Sauternes vineyard and joins the Garonne at Barsac, downstream from Langon.

The moisture it brings, and morning mists it causes, are favorable to the development of Botrytis cinerea on grapes, a fungus that contributes to the high quality and renown of Sauternes wines.

Départements and towns

The Ciron flows through the following départements and towns:


N.B. : (R) = right tributary; (L) = left tributary


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