Cippus Perusinus

The Cippus of Perugia, 3rd or 2nd century BCE

The Cippus Perusinus is a stone tablet discovered on the hill of San Marco, near Perugia, Italy, in 1822. The tablet bears 46 lines of incised Etruscan text. The cippus is assumed to be a text dedicating a legal contract between the Etruscan families of Velthina (from Perugia) and Afuna (from Chiusi), regarding the sharing or use of a property upon which there was a tomb belonging to the noble Velthinas.[1][2]Turkish researcher Kazım Mirşan has claimed that he deciphered the text according to the tamga system.

The date of the inscription is considered to be 3rd or 2nd century BCE. The Cippus is conserved in the National Archeological Museum of Perugia.[1]

Original text

Text transcription
Further information: Etruscan alphabet
eurat tanna larezul ame vaχr.
Lautn . Velθina-ś, eśtla Afuna-s, sleleθc aru ::tezan,
fuśle-ri tesn-ś tei-ś Raśne-ś ipa ama hen.
Naper XII (12) Velthina θuraś araś,
pe raścemulml escul, zuci en esci epl, tularu.
Auleśi, Velθina-ś Arznal, clenśi,
θii θil ścun'a cenu, eplc felic Larθal-ś Afune-ś,
clen, θunχ ulθe fala-ś.
Χi=em fuśle, Velθina hinθa cape, municlet, masu,
naper śran . ctl, θii falśti.
Veltina hut naper penez-ś masu.
Acnina clel Afuna, Velθina mler zinia.
Intemame r cnl Velθina zia śatene tesne,
Eca Velθina θuraś θaura hel-u tes ne Raśne cei.
Tesn-ś tei-ś Raśne-ś χimθ, śpel θuta ścun'a, Afuna mena hen.
Naper ci (3) cnl hare utuśe.
Reverse side:
Velθina śatena zu ci en esci ipa spel ane-θi fulum-χva.
spel-θi, re ne-θi.
Estac Velθina, acil-un-e, turune, ścu-n-e.
Zea zu ci en esci aθumi=cś.
Afuna-ś penθn-a ama.
Velθina, Afun[a]θuruni ein zeri, una cla θil θunχulθ-l.
Iχ ca ceχa ziχuχe.
Supplamentry for the word clel found in the main inscription in the Golini Tomb 1 at Orvieto.
me'ch'l um rasneas clevsinsl: zila'ch'nve pulum (stars).
rumitrinei : ma?ce . clel . lu?[
Supplamentry for the word naper,from a cippus found at Volterra.
l : titesi :cale 's'i
cina : c's' : mes [month] tle's'
[mes, month in Spanish, mese in Italian]
hu'th' [six]: naper' lescan
letem : 'th'ui :
ara's'a : 'th'en tma
se : laei  : tre c's'
'th'en's't : me ua'th'a
Supplamentry from the Liber Linteus Column X for comparison
for the words aru,ame,ipa, θuta, cnl, ama.
5 aru’s’ . ame . acnesem . ipa . se’th’umati . siml’ch’a
6 ‘th’ui . turve . acil . ham’ph’e’s’ . lae’s’ . sulu’s’i
7 ‘th’uni . ‘s’er’ph’ue . acil . ipei . θuta . cnl . ‘ch’a’s’ri
8 he’ch’z . sul . sc vetu (carpenter=Latin Faber). ca’th’nis . ::‘s’canin . vei’th’a
9 Ipe . ipa . ma’th’cva ‘ . ama . trinum (three). hetrn . acl’ch’n

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