Ciołek coat of arms

Battle cry Biała, Ciołek
Alternative names Biała, Taurus, Thaurus, Vitulus
Earliest mention 1279 (seal), 1401 (record)
Cities Trzcianka

Ciołek (Polish for "bull calf") is a Polish coat of arms, one of the oldest in medieval Poland.[1] It was used by many szlachta (noble) families under the late Piast dynasty, under the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, during the Partitions of Poland, and in the 20th century. The variant names "Siolek" and "Cialek" arose from miscommunication among early-20th-century Polish immigrants to the United States.


A history of this coat-of-arms is included in a Short History of Polish Arms written by Countess Ewa Theresa Korab-Karpinska in the late 1980s, which is currently lodged at the College of Arms in London. As heraldic heiress and only daughter of Tadeuz Josef Zielinski (also spelt Zelinski), Ewa was one of a handful of women to write upon the subject of heraldry. The bull and crown were later exceptionally incorporated as a crest into an English Grant of Arms by the English College of Arms.

Notable bearers

Notable bearers of this coat of arms have included:

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