Ciby 2000

Ciby 2000 (also written as CiBy 2000 and CIBY 2000) is a French film production and distribution company founded in 1990 by Francis Bouygues.[1] It was best known for producing art house and independent films in France and in other countries.

The fifty films produced or co-produced by Ciby 2000 include Pedro Almodóvar's The Flower of My Secret and Live Flesh; Jane Campion's The Piano; David Lynch's Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, The Straight Story and Lost Highway; Wim Wenders' The End of Violence; Robert Altman's Kansas City; Mike Leigh's Secrets & Lies; and Emir Kusturica's Black Cat, White Cat and Underground.

In its nine years of existence, Ciby 2000 produced or co-produced four Palme d'Or winners: The Piano, Underground, Taste of Cherry and Secrets & Lies. The company officially folded in 1998 amidst financial difficulties.[1][2] The company was relaunched in 2004 with the release of Immortal.

The name Ciby 2000 is a play on the name of American director C. B. DeMille, whose last name sounds similar to the French deux mille, "two thousand".



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