Church of Christ in Nigeria

The Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN), formerly Church of Christ in Nigeria, is a Christian denomination in Nigeria. It was founded in 1904.[1] It believes in the infallibility of the Bible.[2] Its headquarters is in Jos, Plateau State.[3] Its current president is Rev. Dr. Dachollom Datiri. It used to have the name of Ekklesiyar Kristi A Nigeria.[4]

Its membership exceeds 2,000,000.[4] It is a member of the World Council of Churches.[4] Furthermore, it is a member of the Christian Association of Nigeria, the Reformed Ecumenical Council and the World Alliance of Reformed Churches.[4] There is persecution of Christians in Nigeria. The Church has been in the fore front of providing basic services to the people of Nigeria. These include education, health and agriculture. Its cluster of schools in Gindiri, Plateau state provided educational opportunities for many Nigerians of note during and after the colonial periods. These schools include the Famous Boys Secondary School, Girls High School, Gindiri Teachers College (Now COCIN Comprehensive College) and The School for the Blind. On the same compound it has a Theological College giving quality theological education up to the first degree level. It had a school of nursing in Vom, but the Nigerian federal government took it over.

It has other secondary schools and vocational training institutes in other regions. These include the Pastors' College in Kabwir, which gave pastoral training to diploma level in Hausa, for non-English speakers. There are other diploma awarding institutions, but of special note are the following: COBATI Zamko which offers Bible and Agricultural training for pastors working in rural areas. ETC(Extension Theological College) which gives theological education to hundreds of students all over Nigeria by a specialized distance learning method.

The Church has two hospitals; the famous Vom Christian Hospital (VCH) which served most parts of northern Nigeria and beyond for many years in the past. There is also a Hospital in Sabon Layin, Mangu LGA of Plateau state. Its specializes in treating physical disabilities.

The Church of Christ in Nigeria has played a significant role in the education of a vast number of Northern Nigeria elites, past and present. Its educational programme has been non-discriminatory, allowing individuals of all religious and other socio-cultural backgrounds to benefit from its educational programmes. There is currently an effort by COCIN to establish a University in the locality of Vom, Plateau State, Nigeria.

WEC had many missionaries in Nigeria who worked with COCIN.

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