Church Island (Lough Gill)

Church Island
Native name: <span class="nickname" ">Inis Mór
Church Island
Location Lough Gill
Coordinates 54°15′06″N 8°23′28″W / 54.251791°N 8.390983°W / 54.251791; -8.390983Coordinates: 54°15′06″N 8°23′28″W / 54.251791°N 8.390983°W / 54.251791; -8.390983
Area 0.17 km2 (0.066 sq mi)
Province Connacht
County Sligo
Population 0

Church Island (Irish: Inis Mór, "big island") is an island situated in Lough Gill, Ireland.[1][2]

The island

Church Island is an island of 16.8 ha (42 acres) located in the centre of Lough Gill.[3]


Church on Church Island

The church is said to have been founded by Lommán of Trim. The church on Church Island is National Monument #118.

It is an early Christian ruin and belonged to the Ó Ruairc, rulers of Bréifne. The building is oblong, has loophole windows and a recess at one end. Near the door there is a cavity in a rock, known as ‘lady's bed’, which was a frequent place of pilgrimage for pregnant woman.[4] In 1416, according to the Annals, ‘The church of Inis Mor, in Lough Gill, was burned; and Screaptra ui Chuirnin [O'Curnin's manuscripts], and the Leabhar Gearr of the O'Cuirnins, as well as many other precious articles, were burned also.’[5]


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