Chuqllu Chuqllu

Chuqllu Chuqllu
Chhuxllu Chhuxllu
Chuqllu Chuqllu


Highest point
Elevation 5,000 m (16,000 ft)[1]
Coordinates 14°49′36″S 72°13′42″W / 14.82667°S 72.22833°W / -14.82667; -72.22833Coordinates: 14°49′36″S 72°13′42″W / 14.82667°S 72.22833°W / -14.82667; -72.22833
Location Peru, Arequipa Region, Castilla Province
Parent range Andes, Wansu

Chuqllu Chuqllu or Chhuxllu Chhuxllu (Quechua chuqllu corncob,[2] spelled chhuxllu in Aymara,[3] the reduplication indicates that there is a group or a complex of something, "a group of corncobs", hispanicized spelling Chocllochocllo) is a mountain in the Wansu mountain range in the Andes of Peru, about 5,000 metres (16,404 ft) high. It is situated in the Arequipa Region, Castilla Province, Orcopampa District.[1]


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