Christian Reformed Church in Eastern Africa

The Christian Reformed Church in Eastern Africa was born in 1992, when several pastors left the Reformed Church of East Africa who wanted to focus on fields beyond Kenya.[1]

There are congregations in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. It is registerded in Uganda and Kenya. There's woman ordination. The church was a member of the Reformed Ecumanical Council,[2] and later the World Communion of Reformed Churches.[3]

From 2007 there were congregations in Democratic Republic of Congo. It is present in South Kivu Province, in Bukavu and Minembwe-Kabingo. The church has 3 districts. Kabingo district has 6 congregations, Kaligi district has 4 and the Kinyoni has 3 congregations.[4] It has relationship with the Christian Reformed Church in North America.[5]

The denomination subscrbes the Apostles Creed, Athanasian Creed and the Nicene Creed as well as the Reformed confessions.[6]


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