Christian Louis, Count of Waldeck

Christian Louis, Count of Waldeck
Spouse(s) Anna Elizabeth of Rappoltstein
Noble family House of Waldeck
Father Philip VII, Count of Waldeck
Mother Anna Catherine of Sayn-Wittgenstein
Born (1635-07-29)29 July 1635
Died 12 December 1706(1706-12-12) (aged 71)
Bad Arolsen

Count Christian Louis of Waldeck (born 29 July 1635 in Waldeck; died: 12 December 1706 in Bad Arolsen) was from 1645 Count of Waldeck-Wildungen and from 1692 Count of Waldeck and Pyrmont.


He was the eldest son of the Count Philip VII of Waldeck-Wildungen (1613–1645) and his wife Anna Catherine of Sayn-Wittgenstein (1610–1690) and is the ancestor of all living Princes and Counts of Waldeck. The Arolsen princely house stems from his first marriage, while the Waldeck-Bergheim line, which resides in Bergheim near Bad Wildungen and died out in the male line in 1966, stems from his second marriage via his son Josias I.

After his father's death in 1645 Christian Louis inherited the county of Waldeck-Wildungen. His education and the regency until 1660 were in the hands of his mother and Henry Wolrad, a cousin of his father. Christian Louis later resided mostly at Christiansburg Castle, which he had built in Kleinern, near Wildungen.

On 12 June 1685, he closed an inheritance treaty with his cousin Count George Frederick of Waldeck-Eisenberg, which introduced the primogeniture in the house of Waldeck. When George Frederick died in 1692, Christian Louis inherited Waldeck-Eisenberg, thereby reuniting Waldeck in one hand for the first time since 1397. With Waldeck-Eisenberg, he also inherited the County of Pyrmont. In 1695, he moved his residence to Bad Arolsen and in 1696, he moved the county's Chancellary from Korbach to Mengeringhausen.

Christian inherited a claim to a share of the County of Rappoltstein in the Alsace from his first wife. He could not enforce this claim, but he nevertheless added the arms of Rappoltstein to his coat of arms and he and his successors added "Count of Rappoltstein" to their titles.

Christian Louis was a successful soldier and rose to the rank of Field Marshal.

During his reign, witch trials took place in Wildungen from 1650 to 1664, and again from 1660 to 1662. Witch hunts had happened before in Waldeck, from 1629 to 1632 under Count Christian I.

Marriages and issue

Christian Louis married on 2 July 1658 with Anna Elizabeth of Rappoltstein (born: 7 March 1644; died: 6 December 1676). With her, he had the following children:

On 6 June 1680 in Nice, he married Johannette of Nassau-Idstein (1657–1733), daughter of John, Count of Nassau-Idstein (1603–1677). With her, he had the following children:

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