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Christian Fellowship Church (CFC) is a non-denominational evangelical mega-church located in Evansville, Indiana. David Niednagel was the founder and senior pastor from 1974. In August 2007 the church had an average weekly attendance of 2,800 adults.[1]


David Niednagel was originally the youth pastor of a local Presbyterian Church. However, after two years he decided to found CFC due to his more conservative views. The church's first meeting drew nearly 450 people. By August 2007, weekly attendance has grown to nearly 2,800 adults as well as many infants, children and youth.[1] In August 2012, Niednagel's expected successor, Jeff Kincaide, left the church over "concerns over divisions that exist[ed] at CFC".[2] As of September 2014, Niednagel remains the founding pastor. Dale Beaver has become the teaching pastor after Jeff Kincaide left and does sermons most Saturday Nights and Sundays.


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