Christian Ditlev Reventlow (1710–1775)

Christian Ditlev, Count of Reventlow
The counts of Reventlow Coat of Arms
Spouse(s) Countess Johanne Sophie Frederikke von Bothmer
Countess Charlotte Amalie von Holstein


Noble family Reventlow
Father Christian Ditlev Reventlow
Mother Benedicte Margrethe von Brockdorff
Born 10 March 1710
Copenhagen, Denmark
Died 30 March 1775
Copenhagen, Denmark
Buried Horslunde church

Christian Ditlev, Count of Reventlow (10 March 1710 – 30 March 1775) was a Danish Privy Councillor, nobleman and estate owner.

Reventlow was the third son of Christian Ditlev Reventlow and his wife Benedicte Margrethe von Brockdorff; as such, he was born into a family of significant influence and wealth. His father, an officer and diplomat, had close familial ties to the Danish royal family and had been betrothed to Anna Christiane Gyldenløve, illegitimate daughter of King Christian V of Denmark, who died young. Furthermore, his paternal aunt was Anne Sophie Reventlow, morganatic wife of King Frederik IV of Denmark, and later Queen of Denmark. Despite his position, Reventlow devoted his life to his family and the maintenance of his estates, showing very little interest in life at court.

He married in 1737 Johanne Sophie Frederikke von Bothmer, a daughter of Reichsgraf Friedrich Johann von Bothmer (1658-1729), elder brother of Hans Caspar von Bothmer. Though he had little-to-no political influence, he fathered three of the most prominent members of the Reventlow family: Prime Minister Christian Ditlev Frederik Reventlow, Johan Ludvig Reventlow and Salonist Louise Stolberg.[1]


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