Christian Democrats for the Republic

The Christian Democrats for the Republic (Italian: Cristiani Democratici per la Repubblica, CDR) was a Christian-democratic political party in Italy.

The party was formed in February 1998 as a splinter group from the Christian Democratic Centre (CCD). Their leader was Clemente Mastella, until then President of that party.

In June 1998 CDR joined Francesco Cossiga, the United Christian Democrats (CDU) of Rocco Buttiglione, the Segni Pact of Mario Segni, the Liberal Party of Stefano De Luca and many spliters from Forza Italia, National Alliance and Lega Nord to form the Democratic Union for the Republic (UDR).

In February 1999, when UDR split between supporters of Cossiga and supporters of Mastella, the core of the former CDR entered in the new Union of Democrats for Europe (UDEUR).

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