Christian Congregation in the United States

Christian Congregation in the United States
Classification Protestant
Theology Pentecostal
Governance Congregationalist
Origin 1907
Members 2,900
Official website

The Christian Congregation in the United States is a non-sectarian, non-denominational fellowship of assemblies with roots in the Italian Pentecostal revival in Chicago, which began in 1907,[1] as part of the larger Christian Congregation (Pentecostal).

Doctrinally holds the Bible as fount of faith and guidance for life; believes Jesus Christ as the only Savior whose atonement work dispenses the saving Grace; practices the adult water baptism and holy supper.[2]

Currently, the church in the United States has approximately seventy houses of worship and two thousand nine hundred members. This fellowship of churches under the present name began to hold yearly meetings in 1980 and it has no headquarters, but convenes yearly in rotation basis in Arlington Heights; Illinois, Alhambra, California; and Snyder, near to Buffalo, New York.[3] . Besides having affiliated churches in Canada and Mexico, the American church keeps fellowship with other churches in about fifty countries, with approximately 3 million members, 2.5 million being in Brazil.

The Christian Congregation in the United States is member[4] of the United Religions Initiative.


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