Chris Doherty

This article is about the musician of Gang Green. For the mayor of Scranton, see Christopher Doherty. For the pop rock musician, see Chris Daughtry.

Chris Doherty (born 1965 in Braintree, Massachusetts) is a musician, singer-songwriter best known as the founder of hardcore punk band Gang Green. Doherty graduated from Braintree High School in 1983.

Gang Green

The lone constant in the lineup, lead singer/guitarist Chris Doherty has remained with Gang Green, off and on, for more than two decades. He formed the first incarnation of Gang Green in 1982, the second in 1985, and a third in 1997. They still continue to play live shows in the Boston area.[1]

Other projects


Doherty joined punk band, Jerry's Kids in 1982,[2] and later moved on to Stranglehold and the ska band the Cheapskates.[1]


Doherty formed and fronted Klover, a punk band which released one album, Feel Lucky Punk?, on Mercury Records in 1995.[3][4] After Klover broke up, he formed another band, Hamerd, before reforming the current version of Gang Green in 1997.[1]


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