Studio album by Various Artists
Released 1983 (1983)
Recorded 1983 & 1984
Genre Pop
Various Artists chronology
The second edition of the Portuguese album (1992)

Chispita ("Little Spark") is an album from the soap opera Chispita starring by Lucerito. The album was inspired by the huge success of the eponymous soap opera. The album has two versions: a Spanish-language version by Timbiriche, and a Portuguese-language version featuring various artists made by the Brazilian channel SBT, that broadcast the telenovela in Brazil.

The first Spanish edition of the album was released in 1983, and the second one was released in 1984. Also there are two editions of the Portuguese version of the album. The first one was released in 1983, in its first exhibition and the second one was released in 1992, during the seventh exhibition of the telenovela on the channel SBT.

Spanish track list

  1. Chispita from the album La Banda Timbiriche

Brazilian track list

  1. Anjo Bom - Sarah Regina e a Turminha Levada da Breca
  2. Festa dos Insetos - Gilliard
  3. Docinho, Docinho - Gugu
  4. Vamos a la Playa - Novo Nuevo
  5. Garota Sapeca - Carlinhos Borba Gato
  6. Comer, Comer - Brazilian Genghis Khan
  7. Music Box Dancer - Bruno Carezza
  8. Baile dos Passarinhos - Gugu
  9. Amigo É - Harmony Cats
  10. O Rei da Festa - Carlinhos Borba Gato
  11. A Família - Sarah Regina e a Turminha Levada da Breca
  12. 40 Grados (Que calor de loco!) - Los Maneros
  13. Chispita - Algazarra
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