Chinese bhel

Chinese bhel
Place of origin India
Region or state Maharashtra
Main ingredients fried noodles
Schezwan Sauce
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Chinese bhel is an Indian fast food originated from Mumbai. Basically as a variation of Indian noodles, it is widely popular in Mumbai.[1][2][3]


Chinese bhel usually consists of deep fried noodles, finely chopped onions, shredded cabbage, sliced capsicum and carrots, soy, tomato and red chilly sauce, salt and black pepper powder, ajinomoto and garlic paste in varying quantities.[4]


Chinese bhel was criticised for its stalls established at very unhygienic places and stated that 6 pregnant women were diagnosed with Hepatitis E from past 2 months.[5]

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) has issued strict orders to not let hawkers sell fried foodstuff on pavements and Chinese food outside schools. The Congress party had recently demanded that the MCGM ban the sale of Chinese street food with immediate effect as the taste-maker used in these foods, ajinomoto, is very harmful.[6]


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