List Chiefs of the General Staff (Slovakia)

Chief of the General Staff
Náčelník Generálneho štábu

General Milan Maxim

since May 6, 2014
Ministry of Defence of Slovakia
Reports to The President
Minister of Defence
Seat Bratislava, Slovakia
Appointer The President
Term length
Formation September 1, 1994
First holder Colonel General Jozef Tuchyňa

The Chief of the General Staff (Slovak: Náčelník Generálneho štábu) is the Chief of the General Staff of the Slovak Armed Forces. He is appointed by the President of Slovakia, who is the commander-in-chief. The current Chief of the General Staff is General Milan Maxim.

List of chiefs of the general staff

1 Jozef Tuchyňa 1941– Colonel General 1 September 1994 19 August 1998
2 Marián Mikluš 1953– Major General 19 August 1998 4 December 1998 Dismissed by the Minister of Defence Pavol Kanis
3 Milan Cerovský 1949– General 4 December 1998 21 December 2004
4 Ľubomír Bulík 1957– General 21 December 2004 15 December 2011
5 Peter Vojtek 1958– Lt. General 15 December 2011 6 May 2014
6 Milan Maxim 1956– General 6 May 2014 Present

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