Chief Commissioner

For the police rank, see Police commissioner.

A Chief Commissioner is a commissioner of a high rank, usually in chief of several Commissioners or similarly styled officers.


In British India the gubernatorial style was Chief Commissioner in various (not all) provinces (often after being an entity under a lower ranking official), the style being applied especially where an elected assembly did not exist, notably:

Independent Commonwealth nations


On two occasions in the late 20th century, local elected government in the City of Melbourne was temporarily replaced by panels of commissioners headed by a Chief Commissioner. [2]

Chief Commissioner is also a rank used by Scouts Australia for the Adult Leader with operational control of Scouting in each State and Territory Branch. There is also a Chief Commissioner of Australia, a position which is more prestigious, although it carries less power.

Also in the state of Victoria, the head of police force is, unlike all the other states and territories, a 'Chief Commissioner'- as opposed to a 'Commissioner'. The reason for this is, during Victoria's pre-federation history, there was more than one commissioner in the colony, one metropolitan and one for the goldfields, hence an additional degree of seniority was introduced. The office of Chief Commissioner has remained since.

Mauritius - Rodrigues

The island of Rodrigues which is part of the Republic of Mauritius has a Chief Commissioner since 12 October 2012 when the island was granted autonomy status. He/She is the head of the Rodrigues Regional Assembly.


In India the post of Chief Commissioner is in Indian Revenue Service (IRS) i.e. Central Excise & Customs Department & Income Tax Department. Usually the Chief Commissioner is above 3 or 4 Commissioners of C&CE or IT

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