For the Brazilian singer, see Chico Science.
Background information
Origin Manila, Philippines
Years active 1996–present
Associated acts
Members Miggy Chavez
Mong Alcaraz
Ariel Lumanlan
Macoy Estacio
Eco del Rio
Past members Jan Kevin Santos†
Yug Esquivias
Sonny Baquisal
Joel Salvador
Calde Calderon

Chicosci (officially stylized as ChicoSci) is a 5-piece Filipino rock band based in Manila. The band is composed of Miggy Chavez, Mong Alcaraz, Macoy Estacio, Ariel Lumanlan and Eco del Rio. The group's musical style primarily consists of rock with an emphasis on emo.


Formation and early days

ChicoSci (previously Chico Science) was originally composed of Miguel "Miggy" Chavez, Miguel "Mong" Alcaraz, Carlos "Calde" Calderon, Jan Kevin Santos and Joel Salvador from the Ateneo de Manila University. They later recruited guitarist Sonny Baquisal and long-time friend Eugene "Yug" Esquivias to solidify the songwriting process. The band won an inter school Battle of the Bands and spent the prize money recording a demo – an investment that landed them a two-album record deal with EMI Philippines as A&R'ed by three executives for the EMI Local Label Bob Guzman, Larry Chua, and Darrell James Laxamana. The band released the albums Revenge of the Giant Robot and Method of Breathing.

Career as Chico Science

The highly successful debut record established Chico Science Support as one of the forerunners of the new generation of rock. Revenge of the Giant Robot spawned hits such as Amen, Soopafly, and the MTV hit, Sink or Swim. This album was also nominated to the prestigious Awit Awards for Best Rock Recording. Their first-ever music video Sink or Swim, directed by Lyle Sacris, also won as the Best Directed Video for the 2001 MTV Pilipinas Awards. Later on, they decided to change the name Chico Science to ChicoSci, in order not to be confused with the Brazilian singer.

Career as ChicoSci

Always trying out new things,but the band continued to work on redefining their sound. Shifting their musical direction to a more melodic style, they sought Raimund Marasigan for guidance in working with their second album. True enough, both audiences and critics embraced the new sound of ChicoSci. Method Of Breathing included several hits such as Glass is Broken, Rolento, and the highly infectious Paris. Interestingly, Paris holds the record for the most number of weeks a song (foreign or local) has stayed in a countdown. It stayed in the NU107 Midnight Countdown for more than 52 weeks and gave Chicosci the Song of the Year award at the 2002 NU 107 Rock Awards.

The song Paris was slightly ripped off from GlassJaws's Ry Ry Song, the track titled "The Sound and Taste of Tears Falling Upon your Chest was ripped from GlassJaw's Siberian Kiss. While the track titled Solution Cairo was partially ripped off from Glassjaw's Motel of the White Locust.

In 2004, the band released their third album, Icarus, under Viva Records. The band again enlisted the help of Marasigan, who brought along Buddy Zabala, to produce the band's most experimental album. In May 2004, the band gained media recognition by becoming MTV's Lokal Artist of the Month. The songs Theme from Conversation with Fire, Shallow Graves, and An Argument, enjoyed media airtime, also went into the NU 107 Midnight and Year-end Countdown.

On June 6, 2006, ChicoSci released and launched their self-titled 4th album. Having been in the studio for more than a year, the band boasts it as being their best work to date. The self-produced album features catchier melodies and more synth playing from Alcaraz. At the same time, there is minimal screaming and more focus on Chavez's singing, the most obvious change on the self-titled album.

With the release of their carrier single A Promise, ChicoSci gained more popularity as their market grew. ChicoSci went on to play in Malaysia and Singapore as well as local hot spots like Cafe Saguijo. The album has spawned four singles, A Promise, Seven Black Roses, ChicoSci Vampire Social Club and Last Look. The music video for ChicoSci Vampire Social Club won the Favorite Rock Video at the 2008 Myx Music Awards. The band released their fifth studio album, Fly Black Hearts in 2009.

ChicoSci also covered EMF song Unbelievable from the Various Artist Album, 90's Music Comes Alive in 2012, the same year, the band also covered their very 1st Tagalog song Magasin from Eraserheads from the Various Artist Album, The Reunion: An Eraserheads Tribute Album.

ChicoSci had a new single in 2012 or 2013 entitled Raspberry: Girl from their album This Is Not A Chicosci Record. Their first music video of this song was the Tower Sessions and the second music video is their official music video of this song.

ChicoSci has a new song in 2015, Iyong Araw for Colgate Fresh Jam. This is their first original Tagalog song.


Studio Albums:

2000 Revenge of the Giant Robot
2002 Method of Breathing
2004 Icarus
2006 ChicoSci
2009 Fly Black Hearts
2012 This Is Not A Chicosci Record




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