Chichagof Harbor

Chichagof Harbor[1]
Chichagof Bay, Tschitschagoff Harbor

Aerial photo of Chichagof harbor on Attu island, Alaska (USA), during the Battle of Attu, 11 to 30 May 1943.

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Location of Chichagof Harbor in Alaska
Location  United States
Attu Island
Coordinates 52°55′48.24″N 173°14′41.21″E / 52.9300667°N 173.2447806°E / 52.9300667; 173.2447806Coordinates: 52°55′48.24″N 173°14′41.21″E / 52.9300667°N 173.2447806°E / 52.9300667; 173.2447806
Type Bay
Etymology Vasily Chichagov
Ocean/sea sources Bering Sea
Average depth 2-4 fathoms

Chichagof Harbor is an inlet on the northeast coast of the island of Attu in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.[2] It is named after Russian Admiral and polar explorer Vasily Chichagov. It is the location of the Aleut village served by an American pastor and his wife. It was also where some heavy fighting took place during the recapture of the island from the Japanese during the Battle of Attu in World War II and afterward was the site of Battery B 42nd Coast Artillery Battalion.


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