Chiara Moroni

Chiara Moroni (Iseo, BS, 23 October 1974) is an Italian politician, daughter of Sergio Moroni, a Socialist politician who killed himself during Tangentopoli.[1] She is currently Vice President of Forza Italia's caucus in the Chamber of Deputies.

Chiara Moroni was elected deputy in the 2001 general election for the constituency of Rezzato under the banner of the Socialist Party – New PSI, at the age of 26. When Gianni De Michelis and Bobo Craxi disputed on the collocation of the party in 2005, she supported De Michelis and his line of continuing the alliance with Silvio Berlusconi's House of Freedoms coalition.

She was re-elected in 2006 into the list of Forza Italia (thanks to a pact between Berlusconi and her party), but, when it was clear that also the NPSI was heading toward the centre-left, on 3 May, she left the party and officially joined Forza Italia.


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