Chhali Gewog

Chali Gewog
Country  Bhutan
District Mongar District
Time zone BTT (UTC+6)

Chali Gewog (Dzongkha: ཅ་གླིང་) is a gewog (village block) of Mongar District, Bhutan.[1] In 2002, the gewog contaieds 263 households and covered an area of 42 square kilometres.


The principal agricultural products are maize, paddy, barley, buckwheat, oranges and vegetables.

More than 60% of the population have access to piped drinking water supply and 30% of the households have electricity. The gewog has a community school with 258 students but relies on Mongar for most of the facilities.[2] The farmers of Tashipong are dependent upon spring water.

Agricultural production has increased by 8% in Chhali Gewog in 2011. The villagers mainly engage in subsistence farming but vegetable and animal products (such as cheese, butter and eggs) are sold at the market.


Administratively, Chhali Gewog is a part of the dzongkhag of Mongar District. In November 2007, the people of Chhali elected former General Secretary of the Bhutan Olympic Committee Pema Tenzin as their National Council candidate.[3]


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