Chester Williams Rice

Chester Williams Rice (December 16, 1888 1951) was an electrical engineer[1] who was the joint inventor in 1925 of the moving coil loudspeaker along with Edward W. Kellogg.[2]


Rice was born in Lynn, Massachusetts in 1888 and educated at The Albany Academy and Harvard College, from which he received an S.B. and an M.E.E. in 1911.[1] He was later employed by General Electric in Schenectady, New York.[1]

In 1925, Rice, while working for General Electric, published a paper with Edward W. Kellogg outlining an early moving coil loudspeaker. The paper also discussed a way of boosting power to amplifiers; this was incorporated in General Electric's Radiola line of radios in 1926.[2]


Rice married Helen Currier of Lynn in 1914. They had three children, Barbara, Wilbur Burrier, and Priscilla.[1]


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