Chelmsford Rural District

  1911 83,045 acres (336 km2)
  1961 86,505 acres (350 km2)
  1901 20,725
  1971 71,015
  Created 1894
  Abolished 1974
  Succeeded by Chelmsford
Status Rural district
  HQ New London Road, Chelmsford[1]

Chelmsford Rural District was a local government district in Essex, England from 1894 to 1974. It surrounded, but did not include, the town of Chelmsford;[2] which formed a municipal borough.

It was formed as a rural district in 1894, based on the Chelmsford rural sanitary district.[3] It included the parishes of:

During 1934 there were some changes to the district boundary.[2] The municipal borough of Chelmsford expanded and gained 1,659 acres (7 km2) from the rural district, including parts of the parishes of Broomfield, Springfield, Widford, and Writtle. At the same time 1,282 acres (5 km2) were transferred from Buttsbury parish to form part of Billericay Urban District. Later that year, an area of 6,128 acres (25 km2), made up of Mountnessing and parts of the parishes of Downham, Ramsden Bellhouse, Ramsden Crays and Shenfield, was gained from the abolished Billericay Rural District. Also at this time 274 acres (1 km2) was gained from the parish of Hockley in Rochford Rural District.

The district was abolished in 1974 and its former area was merged with the municipal borough of Chelmsford to form the current non-metropolitan district of Chelmsford, which inherited the borough charter. The parishes of Ingatestone and Fryerning and Mountnessing became part of the district of Brentwood.


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