Chella Pillai

Chella Pillai

Film Poster
Directed by M. V. Raman
Produced by A. V. Meiyappan
Written by Javert Seetharaman
Starring K. R. Ramasamy
B. R. Panthulu
P. Kannamba
T. S. Balaiah
Pandari Bai
Music by R. Sudharsanam
Distributed by AVM Productions
Release dates
24 June 1955
Country India
Language Tamil

Chella Pillai (English: Dear Child) is a 1955 Tamil Comedy - Drama film was directed by M. V. Raman and Produced by A. V. Meiyappan under his own AVM Productions company.[1][2] The film script was written by Javert Seetharaman. Music by R. Sudharsanam assets to the film.[3] It stars K. R. Ramasamy, Savitri, B. R. Panthulu, P. Kannamba, T. S. Balaiah played lead with Pandari Bai, K. A. Thangavelu, Javert Seetharaman and Kaka Radhakrishnan played portraying supporting role.[4][5] The film was remade in Telugu under the title as Vadina(1955). Showering affection or enforcing gird discipline, which one is necessary in bringing up a child, especially if he is an Orphan? that was the theme of Chella Pillai.[1][6]


K. R. Ramasamy, is an Orphan brought up by his brother(B. R. Panthulu) and his wife(P. Kannamba). Fond of the growing child . She covers for all mischievous deeds, even petty crimes, without bothering to correct him. Soon, he grows into an irresponsible young man addicted to Gambling. He meets young women(Savitri), who dreams of becoming a movie star. He promises to introduce her to movies. Mean while, the family decide to get him married to a modest young women(Pandari Bai) in the hope that he would become better human being. The hero leaves home to make a movie with the young women. Needing money for the productions, he commits a thiefing the shop where his brother work resulting in the kind man losing his job. The hero gets involved in the printing of fakes notes and when the brothers seeks his help. He gives him the counterfeit currency, resulting in the Poor man getting arrested. How the erring hero changes his ways forms the rest of the plot.[1]



Chella Pillai film was remade in to Telugu for the same year under the title as Vadina. Akkineni Nageswara Rao replace K. R. Ramasamy in Telugu Version. The film was ran for 100 days in Vijayawada.[7]


Randor Guy stated the The Hindu article for A different kind of story for the day, Chella Pillai had good performances by K. R. Ramasamy,[8] P. Kannamba, B. R. Panthulu and Savitri. T. S. Balaiah as the film director Yaman and K. A. Thangavelu as Avatharam contributed to the laughs.[1]


Chella Pillai
Soundtrack album by R. Sudharsanam
Released 1955
Recorded 1955
Genre Original Soundtrack[9]
Length 31:19
Language Tamil
Producer R. Sudharsanam

Music by R. Sudharsanam and lyrics were written by Udumalai Narayana Kavi, K. P. Kamakshi, Ku. Ma. Balasubramaniam and V. Seetharaman. Singer is K. R. Ramaswamy. Playback singers are T. M. Soundararajan, P. Suseela,[10] Jikki, T. S. Bagavathi, and M. S. Rajeswari.

Most of the tunes were straight lifts from the Popular Hindi movies.[11]

No Song Singer Lyrics Length(m:ss)
1 Thaannalae Varum Kaasu P. Suseela 03:02
2 Oh Nigarillathaa Jikki 03:19
3 Madhana Ezhil Raja(dialogue) Jikki & dialogues by K. R. Ramaswamy 06:07
4 Naadu Nadakkira T. M. Soundararajan & M. S. Rajeswari 03:07
5 Aararo Aararo 03:29
6 Koil Kaalai Nee T. M. Soundararajan & P. Suseela 03:30
7 Podanum Kulla Podanum T. M. Soundararajan 03:10
8 Aaraadha Thuyaram T. S. Bagavathi 03:09
9 Aanandham Inge Irukku T. M. Soundararajan & Jikki 03:09
10 Sirppiyin Kai Paadatha K. R. Ramaswamy 02:41
11 Nadakkum Pothu T. M. Soundararajan 03:22


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