Çiğ börek and ayran at Turkish chain "Anadolu Mantı"
Course Main course
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Lamb or beef
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Chebureki, sometimes spelled chiburekki, (Crimean Tatar: çiberek, Turkish: çiğ börek, Tajik: chiburekki, Romanian: șuberec, Russian: чебурек, cheburek, Azerbaijani: ət qutabı, Ukrainian: чебуреки also known as çır-çır) is a deep-fried turnover with a filling of ground or minced meat and onions.[1][2] It is made with a single round piece of dough folded over the filling in a half-moon shape.[3] A national dish of the Crimean Tatars and traditional for the Caucasian and Turkic peoples, it is also popular as snack and street food[3] throughout Transcaucasia, Central Asia, Russia, Ukraine, as well as with the Crimean Tatar[4] diasporas in Turkey and Romania.


Çiğ börek or çibörek ("raw börek"), a half round shaped börek, filled with raw mincemeat and fried in olive oil, is very popular in Turkey in places where a Tatar community exists, such as Eskişehir and Konya.

Töbörek is another Tatar variety, that is basically a çibörek that is baked in a masonry oven instead of being fried in oil.

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