Charles de Brimeu

Charles de Brimeu
Count of Megen

Statue of Charles de Brimeu in Megen
Stadtholder of Gelderland
Title held 1556–1572



Titles and styles

Born 1524 or 1525
Died 1572
Zwolle, Netherlands

Charles de Brimeu (born in 1524 or 1525, † in Zwolle in 1572), was the last count of Meghem, lord of Humbercourt, of Houdain and Éperlecques, stadtholder of Gelderland (from 1556) and Order of the Golden Fleece. He opposed the centralizing policy of Philip II of Spain.[1]

During the Dutch Revolt, however, he remained loyal to the crown of Spain, and in June 1568 defended Groningen successfully against Louis of Nassau.[2] Dying without direct descendants, his titles passed on to his niece Marie Brimeu (born in 1550, died in Liege on 18 April 1605), wife of Lancelot of Berlaymont then (from 1580) of Charles de Croy. Marie, a convinced Calvinist, had a decisive influence on her second husband, until their separation in 1584.


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