Charles I, Duke of Bourbon

Charles I, Duke of Bourbon

Stone statue of Charles I, Duke of Bourbon in the abbey church of Souvigny
Spouse(s) Agnes of Burgundy
Noble family Bourbon
Father John I, Duke of Bourbon
Mother Marie, Duchess of Auvergne
Born 1401
Died 4 December 1456 (aged 5455)
Château de Moulins

Charles de Bourbon (1401 – 4 December 1456, Château de Moulins) was the oldest son of John I, Duke of Bourbon and Marie, Duchess of Auvergne.

He was Count of Clermont-en-Beauvaisis from 1424, and Duke of Bourbon and Auvergne from 1434 to his death, although due to the imprisonment of his father after the Battle of Agincourt, he acquired control of the duchy more than eighteen years before his father's death.[1]

In 1425, Charles renewed his earlier betrothal by marrying Agnes of Burgundy (1407–1476), daughter of John the Fearless.[2] Charles entered a relationship with Jeanne de Bournan, together they had Louis de Bourbon, Count of Roussillon. Louis founded the House of Bourbon-Roussillon (Rossello). Louis is known for his many services to the State. As a reward for his loyalty and dedication to Louis XI during the League of the Public Weal conflict, Louis XI gave him in marriage his legitimized daughter Jeanne de Valois.

Charles served with distinction in the Royal army during the Hundred Years' War, while nevertheless maintaining a truce with his brother-in-law and otherwise enemy, Philip III, Duke of Burgundy. Both dukes were reconciled and signed an alliance by 1440.[3] He was present at the coronation of Charles VII where he fulfilled the function of a peer and conferred knighthood.[4]

Despite this service, he took part in the "Praguerie" (a revolt by the French nobles against Charles VII) in 1439–1440. When the revolt collapsed, he was forced to beg for mercy from the King, and was stripped of some of his lands.[5] He died on his estates in 1456.


Charles and Agnes had eleven children:

Illegitimate children


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Charles I, Duke of Bourbon
Born: 1401 Died: 4 December 1456
French nobility
Preceded by
John I and Marie
Duke of Auvergne
Succeeded by
John II
Preceded by
John I
Duke of Bourbon
Count of Forez

Count of Clermont-en-Beauvaisis
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