Charles Eugene, 2nd Duke of Arenberg

Charles Eugene, 2nd Duke of Arenberg (1633–1681), a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece since 1678, became 2nd Duke of Arenberg in 1674 on the death of his step brother Philippe François, 1st Duke of Arenberg. The original title had been awarded on 6 June 1644, by Habsburg Emperor Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor, making the principality of Arenberg a dukedom of the Austrian Empire..

Charles Eugene, 2nd Duke of Arenberg.

He married Marie-Henriette de Cusance, marquise de Varambon in 1660. Their two sons Philippe Charles François, 3rd Duke of Arenberg and Alexandre, fell in battle in 1691 and 1683 respectively. He was Grand-Bailli and Capitaine-Général of Hainaut.

He is a remote ancestor of King Philippe of Belgium, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, and Princess Michael of Kent.

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