Charles Alain, Prince of Guéméné

Charles Alain
Prince of Guéméné
Duke of Bouillon
Born (1764-01-18)18 January 1764
Versailles, France
Died 24 April 1836(1836-04-24) (aged 72)
Sychrov Castle, Austrian Empire
Spouse Louise Aglaé de Conflans d'Armentiere
Berthe, Duchess of Rohan
Full name
Charles Alain Gabriel de Rohan
Father Henri Louis, Prince of Guéméné
Mother Victoire de Rohan

Charles Alain de Rohan (Charles Alain Gabriel; 18 January 1764 24 April 1836) was a French nobleman and Prince of Guéméné. He died without any surviving descendants as his daughter died without children.


Born on 18 January 1764[1] at the Palace of Versailles, he was baptised the same day.[1] He was the son of Henri Louis de Rohan and his distant cousin Victoire de Rohan. His mother was governess to the children of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI; she was succeeeded by Madame de Polignac. After his parents became disgraced with his fathers debts, the family moved from Versailles and had to sell their famous townhouse, the Parisian Hôtel de Rohan-Guémené.

He married Louise Aglaé de Conflans d'Armentieres at the Église Saint-Sulpice[1] in Paris on 29 May 1781 and had one daughter, Berthe, who would later marry her uncle the Duke of Bouillon. Berthe would have no children and as such, Charles Alain has no known descendants.

His cousins included the Prince of Condé, son of Charlotte de Rohan, sister of Victoire; the Abbess of Remiremont was also his cousin.

He emigrated from France in 1791[2] and resided in Austria[2] where he joined the army and was promoted to Field Marshal.[2] He entered the service of Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor.

At the death of his cousin more distant cousin Jacques Léopold de La Tour d'Auvergne the Duke of Bouillon in 1802, Charles Alain was the nearest relative to the family as his grandmother Marie Louise de La Tour d'Auvergne[3] was Jacques Léopold's aunt and thus feudal heiress.

It was he who purchased the Sychrov Castle in the modern Czech Republic where he died 1836. The castle was the home of the Rohan's until 1945.



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