Charles-Joachim Colbert de Croissy

Portrait of Charles-Joachim Colbert de Croissy by Jean Raoux - Engraved by François Chéreau

Charles-Joachim Colbert de Croissy (11 June 1667 – 8 April 1738) was a bishop of Montpellier from 1697.

He was a son of Charles Colbert, marquis de Croissy and a nephew of Jean-Baptiste Colbert.
As an ardent Jansenist he had père François-Aimé Pouget edit the noted Catéchisme de Montpellier. His writings were condemned by Rome. He was also part of the 'Appelant' movement alongside Jean Soanen, Pierre de La Broue and Pierre de Langle, calling for a church council to discuss the papal bull Unigenitus.


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