Chantons sous l'Occupation

Chantons sous l'Occupation
Directed by André Halimi
Produced by Argos Films
Les Films Armorial
Written by André Halimi
Starring Pascal Mazzotti
Maître Naud
Fabienne Jamet
Jean Marais
Narrated by Pascal Mazzotti
Cinematography Jean Rouch
Edited by Henri Colpi
Release dates
28 April 1976 (France)
25 November 1994 (USA)
10 March 2004 (France)
Running time
90 minutes; 95 minutes (USA)
Country France
Language French

Chantons sous l'Occupation (English: Singing during the Occupation) is a French documentary film from 1976. It was directed and written by André Halimi, starring Pascal Mazzotti, Maître Naud, and Fabienne Jamet.[1]

The film tells about artists and entertainers (from Jean Cocteau to Maurice Chevalier) under the Nazi occupation of France (1940-1944). It presents the entire spectrum from resisters to semi-fascists.[2][3]


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