Changing Tune

Changing Tune
Studio album by Lower Than Atlantis
Released 1 October 2012
Recorded Early 2012 at Rockfield Studios
Genre Arena rock[1]
Length 36:48
Label Island
Producer John Mitchell, Ben Humphreys
Lower Than Atlantis chronology
World Record
Changing Tune
Lower Than Atlantis
Singles from Changing Tune
  1. "Love Someone Else"
    Released: 17 July 2012
  2. "Go on Strike"
    Released: 8 February 2013
  3. "Something Better Came Along"
    Released: 29 April 2013

Changing Tune is the third studio album and major label debut by English rock band Lower Than Atlantis. Preceded by the non-album single "If the World Was to End", the band went on their first ever headlining tour in the UK in January 2012.


Lower Than Atlantis released "If the World Was to End" as a single in January 2012.[2] The song was produced by John Mitchell, who bassist Dec Hart and drummer Eddy Thrower had known for longer than the rest of the band.[3] Discussing the song, vocalist/guitarist Mike Duce said he has a "'Truman Show' style theory that this world isn't real, and everyone's in on it except me."[4] The song is about that theory placed with the setting of an "end of the world scenario".[4] Following this, they went on their first headline tour in the UK in the same month with support acts Sights and Sounds and Marines.[4] On the final night of the tour, 27 January, the band announced they had signed to Island.[5] Island's promise of more income is what convinced the band sign with the label.[6] Duce revealed that despite the increase of income "Nothing's really changed" for the band except for "the financial backing that we didn't have before".[6] Everything the band has done previously was with their own money.[6] The band supported Young Guns in Europe in February and March.[7]

Recording and sound

Island suggested to that the band went into pre-production with a producer.[3] The band were against this idea as they claimed that no one else knows how they should sound apart from themselves.[3] The group rented out a room for a week and guitarist Ben Sansom brought in his computer, which the band recorded into live.[3] Changing Tune was recorded in early 2012 at Rockfield Studios[8] with Mitchell and Ben Humphreys producing.[9][nb 1] Humphreys and Josh Tyrell helped with recording and engineering.[9] Rockfield Studios was a residential studio, which the band preferred as they had previously needed to drive.[3] Duce revealed that their previous releases were "rushed, on a shoestring budget and against the clock."[8] The drum tracks were recorded in "two and half days... three days", according to Thrower.[3] With Changing Tune, the group had the time and equipment to use to their advantage.[8] The band were able to work at any time of their choosing, whereas on previous occasions, the group had to work between 10 and 6.[8] Sansom said that the album combines the sounds of Far Q (2010) and World Record (2011) – the latter of which Sansom thought the band "only covered a small ground" with the pop-rock songs found on it.[11]

For the album, the band used several different guitars and amplifiers as they had time to experiment.[11] This in turn made it take longer for the band to track guitars.[3] The band had recorded 16 tracks,[6] all of which were written by Duce,[12] but were credited to the band as a whole.[9] The band spent more time on "Prologue" than on the other tracks on the album.[3] Duce wanted the song "to really make an impact."[3] The first half on the song was recorded outside of the studio.[3] A theremin can be heard on the track, but this was played through an app on Duce's phone.[3] "War with Words" is about Duce experiencing writer's block.[13] "Scared of the Dark" had been written by Duce shortly before the band had entered the studio.[3] Mitchell played Rhodes piano on the track.[9] He claimed that the band didn't intend to record it for the album.[3] Thrower didn't initially want to add drums to it, making it sound like the other slow songs on the album.[3] Madeleine Poncia of Dear Prudence sings additional vocals on the song.[9] In an April interview with NME, Duce said that recording was done "a couple of weeks ago" and that it was to be mixed "later this week."[6][nb 2] Mixing was performed by Mitchell, while Harry Hess mastered it.[9]


[Island Records] wanted us to be almost as popular as a pop band and it was just never going to happen. Jumping from World Record, we had to have an album that still 'rocked'.[14]

– Ben Samson, upon being asked about the pressures the band faced, 2014

On 11 June 2012 Changing Tune was announced and the track listing was revealed.[8] Duce came up with the title, while Sansom described that it was about "changing your tune in the positive and being more up-beat about situations".[11] On 9 July, the artwork was revealed,[15] it was created by Paul Jackson.[9] The artwork is the band's vision of a "70s acid trip".[16] "Love Someone Else" was released as a single on 17 July.[17] It peaked at number 184 on the UK Singles Chart.[18] The music video for it was released on 26 July[19] and was directed by Luke Bellis.[20] The video was set in an American diner but filmed in the UK.[21] On 28 August, the band made "Normally Strange" available for free download via their Facebook page.[22] Initially planned for release on 10 September,[23] Changing Tune was eventually released on 1 October.[24][nb 3] A version with additional tracks and a DVD was also released.[nb 4] The album undersold what the label had expected.[14]

Lower Than Atlantis went on a headlining tour in the UK in October 2012 with The Dangerous Summer, Don Broco and Transit.[8] The band then toured Europe in November.[11] On 6 January 2013 the music video for "Go on Strike" was released.[26] The video was also directed by Bellis.[27] The band then supported All Time Low in the UK for the first half of February.[28] For the second half, the band toured Europe with Blitz Kids.[29] "Go on Strike" was released as a single on 8 February.[30] The band toured the UK in April with Dinosaur Pile-Up, The Xcerts and Blitz Kids supporting,[31] on The F**** It to the Man Tour.[32] It was their biggest headlining tour to date.[33] The music video for "Something Better Came Along", directed by Daniel Broadley,[34] was released on 8 April.[35] The video was filmed at a decommissioned tube station in Walthamstow, London.[36] It was released as a single on 29 April.[31]


Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Review scores
BBC MusicUnfavourable[38]
Big Cheese5/5[39]
Bring the Noise8/10[40]
Metal HammerFavourable[41]

By November 2014, the album was the band's best-selling release.[5] Changing Tune was released to a mixed reaction from critics, with an aggregate score of 65 on the Metacritic website which indicate "generally favorable reviews".

Changing Tune was ranked at number 6 on Kerrang Radio's "Top 10 Albums of 2012" list.[43]

Track listing

All tracks written by Lower Than Atlantis. Lyrics by Mike Duce.[9]

  1. "Prologue" – 2:49
  2. "Love Someone Else" – 2:30
  3. "Move Along" – 2:59
  4. "Wars with Words" – 1:49
  5. "Go on Strike" – 2:52
  6. "Scared of the Dark" – 4:22
  7. "Normally Strange" – 3:26
  8. "Something Better Came Along" – 3:59
  9. "PMA" – 2:28
  10. "Cool Kids" – 3:27
  11. "I Know a Song That Will Get on Your Nerves" – 2:44
  12. "Showtime" – 3:23
Deluxe edition


Personnel per booklet.[9]

Lower Than Atlantis
Additional musicians

  • John Mitchell – producer, mixing
  • Ben Humphreys  – producer, recording, engineer
  • Josh Tyrell – recording, engineer
  • Harry Hess mastering
  • Keith Davey – design, art direction
  • Paul Jackson – illustration

Chart performance

Chart (2012) Peak
Scottish Albums Chart[44] 23
UK Albums Chart[45] 25
UK Downloads Chart Top 100[46] 33
UK Physical Chart Top 100[47] 25


  1. Both Mitchell and Humphreys previously worked with the band World Record (2010), which Mitchell mixed, while Humphreys recorded and engineered it.[10]
  2. Asked about the inclusion of "If the World Was to End", Duce mentioned that the track was "a [standalone] thing".[6] It was released due to the band having a few tracks left over and wishing to keep their momentum going.[6] They did toy with the idea of including it, but realised "the songs we've got are really strong."[6]
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