Court of Audit (Greece)

Court of Audit
Ελεγκτικό Συνέδριο
Established 1833
Country Greece
Location Athens, Greece

In Greece, the Chamber of Accounts (or Court of Accounts or Court of Auditors or Audit Court, French: Cour des Comptes, Greek: Ελεγκτικό Συνέδριο) is both an administrative organ (one of the three Big Bodies of the Greek Public Administration) and a Supreme Administrative Court with a special jurisdiction (while the jurisdiction of the Council of State is general). Hence, its role is double-natured.


The Chamber of Accounts was created just after the independence of Greece in 1833. It was established based on the French Cour des Comptes model. It is seated in a modern building in the centre of Athens.


The Chamber of Accounts has a(n):



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The Chamber of Accounts comprises:

They all have the status of a judge, according to the Constitution. In the posts of the Reporting Judges are appointed only graduates of the National School of Judges. The President and the Vice-presidents of the Chamber are chosen among its members by the Cabinet


Advisory (consultative) competence

The advisory (consultative) competence of the Chamber is exerted by:

Auditing competence

This competence of the Chamber includes:


The Chamber operates as a Supreme Administrative Court, whose judicial decisions are final and irrevocable, when it judges in a Plenary Session the following cases:


The litigant or the competent minister may exert in the Chamber the following legal remedies:

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