Chacao Channel

Chacao Channel
Location of Chacao Channel in Los Lagos Region.
Chacao Channel with Chiloé to the left, and the mainland to the right

The Chacao Channel (Spanish: "Canal de Chacao") is located in Los Lagos Region, Chile and separates Chiloé Island from mainland Chile. The channel was created during the Quaternary glaciations by successive glaciers that flowed down from the Andes to the coast. The construction of a bridge connecting the island with the continent was discussed at government level for some time, but during the first government of Michelle Bachelet (2006–2010) it was turned down due to its high cost in comparison with other proposals that could be done to benefit islanders. Later, it was reactivated during Sebastián Piñera government, and finally auctioned

The channel communicates the Reloncaví Sound and Golf of Coronado.

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Coordinates: 41°49′30″S 73°29′30″W / 41.82500°S 73.49167°W / -41.82500; -73.49167

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