Ces dames préfèrent le mambo

Ces dames préfèrent le mambo
Directed by Bernard Borderie
Produced by Raymond Borderie
Written by Jacques Vilfrid
Bernard Borderie
Starring Eddie Constantine
Music by Charles Aznavour
Cinematography Jacques Lemare
Edited by Monique Kirsanoff
Running time
Country France, Italy
Language French

Ces dames préfèrent le mambo is a French-Italian film starring Eddie Constantine as the American Captain Burt Brickford. The captain lives incognito on an island in Middle America since he has been accused of causing an accident and didn't trust the military court.


Burt Brickford gets engaged as captain for a fun trip. Brickford hesitates to accept the job offer because the ship will be heading for Cuba. He is even more suspicious when his employer named Henery Legrand can provide him with a new passport. Yet Brickford is in desperate need of a new job and a new passport and so he can't decline.

When they are on sea, Brickford discovers a great deal of dynamite in Legrand's ship. He confronts Legrand who now admits to be a treasure hunter. Brickford takes him to the place where the treasure is supposed to be.

While Legrand's divers are looking in vain for a treasure, pirates attack the ship. They are led by a drug dealer named Paulo who intends to use the ship for smuggling drugs into the United States. Even so, there is no way Brickford would comply with that.


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