Central Pacific languages

Central Pacific
Fiji and Polynesia
Linguistic classification:


  • West Fijian – Rotuman
  • East Fijian – Polynesian
Glottolog: cent2060[1]


The Central Pacific languages
Pink is Western Fijian – Rotuman; ocher East Fijian – Polynesian (not shown: Rapa Nui)

The family of Central Pacific or Central Oceanic languages, also known as Fijian–Polynesian, are a branch of the Oceanic languages.


Ross et al. (2002) classify the languages as a linkage as follows:[2]

The West Fijian languages are more closely related to Rotuman, and East Fijian to Polynesian, than they are to each other, but subsequent contact has caused them to reconverge. Rotuman has been influenced by Polynesian languages.


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