Central Mindanao University

Central Mindanao University

CMU the Academic Paradise of the South
Former names
Mailag Industrial School (1910-1918)
Bukidnon Agricultural School (1918-1923)
Bukidnon Rural High School (1923-1928)
Bukidnon Agricultural High School (1928-1938)
Bukidnon National Agricultural School (1938-1952)
Mindanao Agricultural College (1952-1965)
Motto Instruction, Research, Extension, Production
Type State university
Established 1910
President Dr. Maria Luisa R. Soliven
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 12,000+
Location Musuan, Dologon, Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines
7°51′53″N 125°3′3″E / 7.86472°N 125.05083°E / 7.86472; 125.05083Coordinates: 7°51′53″N 125°3′3″E / 7.86472°N 125.05083°E / 7.86472; 125.05083

     Forest Green

     Maize Yellow
Nickname CMU Bulls
Affiliations PASUC, MASCUF
Website www.cmu.edu.ph

Central Mindanao University is a public research university located at the heart of Mindanao Island in the Philippines, specifically at University Town, Musuan (Barangay Dologon), Maramag, Bukidnon. It is one of the only two state universities in the province Bukidnon along with Bukidnon State University. One of the top performing universities in the country, it ranked 8th in the CHED 2011 top universities in the Philippines ranking.


Central Mindanao University was transformed from a settlement of farm schools organized by the Americans. It started as the Mailag Industrial School in 1910 and offered only the first four grades of the elementary agriculture curriculum.[1] Situated in Mailag, Malaybalay, Bukidnon, this school was opened to address the necessity of training Bukidnons to teach in their own province as it was difficult to recruit non-Bukidnon teachers to serve in newly opened public schools.[1]

CMU Entrance Gate

In 1918, the school was renamed the Bukidnon Agricultural School and offered the last three grades of the elementary agriculture curriculum. This was later relocated to Managok, Malaybalay, Bukidnon. After a few years it offered the secondary agriculture curriculum. By 1923, the Governor General renamed the school to the Bukidnon Rural High School and allocated 724 hectares for the school’s reservation by virtue of Proclamation No. 30.

In 1928, the Philippine Legislature changed the named of the school to Bukidnon Agricultural High School, which was then a secondary agricultural school for male students. In 1938, it was renamed the Bukidnon National Agricultural School which implemented the secondary homemaking curriculum for female students.[2]

After the war, Superintendent Zosimo Montemayor reopened the school but due to its terrible condition ccaused by World War II, the school was transferred to Musuan, Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines

Congressman Cesar Fortich of Bukidnon sponsored House Bill 3041, which elevated BNAS into an agricultural state college. On June 21, 1952, President Elpidio Quirino signed Republic Act 807, otherwise known as the Mindanao Agricultural College (MAC) Charter which also installed Zosimo Montemayor as President. This law also paved the way for funding from national, as well as foreign sources. In 1957-1960, three Stanford consultants, namely James Wall, Donald Green and John McCleland, lived in the locality and provided technical assistance in agricultural technology.[2]

CMU Administration Building.

In 1958, President Carlos Garcia, on recommendation of the Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources, issued Proclamation No. 476 granting CMU 3,401 hactares of land. The titling of land began as early as 1961 before the Court of First Instance of Bukidnon to determine the rights of adverse claimants, if there were any.[2] By June 19, 1965, R.A. 4498 catapulted MAC to the Central Mindanao University with Montemayor as the first President.

In 1974, the 1971 Cadastral Court decision for the segregation of several hectares was amended for humanitarian reason and the government’s agrarian program. The 321.9 hectares were properly segregated and given to legitimate claimants and CMU was granted title for 3,080 hectares.

The current CMU president is Dr. Maria Luisa Rupac Soliven. She was elected by the CMU Board of Regents on December 15, 2010.[3] She previously served as the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, and before that as the first female Dean of the College of Agriculture of CMU. She is the eighth CMU president. She was inducted on December 30, 2010, taking over the previous officer-in-charge, Dr. Victor M. Barroso.[4] The former CMU presidents are Dr. Amado Campos, Dr. Isabelo S. Alcordo, Dr. Rodolfo Nayga, Dr. Leonardo Chua, Dr. Jaime Gellor, and Dr. Mardonio M. Lao.

CMU University Convention Center

CMU provides education to students in the “depressed, deprived and disadvantaged sectors” in the region. CMU has two categories of tuition fees: P150 for new students, P90 for the old students. Eighty percent of CMU students are children of farmers.

CMU Hymn

Oh! C.M.U.
Our Alma Mater Beloved
We greet you, dear
We your sons and daughters all,
We shall strive to uphold your honor
We shall try to bring you boundless fame
We drink now from your fountain truly
To prepare ourselves for our dear country,
We shall strive to work with mind and true heart
for our country and above all, God
With your guidance
We shall become the bulwark of our Fatherland
As your name stands, as always
Central Mindanao University [5]

Presidents of
Central Mindanao University
Zosimo Montemayor, 1952 - 1965 Mindanao Agricultural College (MAC) president; CMU president - 1965
Dr. Amado Campos, 1965 - 1970
Dr. Isabelo S. Alcordo, 1970 (Apr. 1) - 1982 (Nov. 15) Dr. Rodolfo Nayga, 19?? - 19??
Dr. Leonardo Chua, 1987 - 1994
Dr. Jaime Gellor, 1994 - 1998
Dr. Mardonio M. Lao, 1998 - 2008
Dr. Rodrigo M. Malunhao, 2008 - 2009 (OIC)
Dr. Victor M. Barroso, 2009 - 2010 (OIC)
Dr. Maria Luisa Rupac Soliven, 2010–Present

Present Times

Central Mindanao University Laboratory High School (CMULHS) students, Osmund Niño Amoroso, Ray Ian Oco, and Leo Marconi Carillo, at the 2000 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) held in Detroit, Michigan, USA, won fourth place in the Team Category among more than 1,000 entries worldwide.[6][7]

In October 2010, another two students, Bonar Laureto and Deorex David Navaja, still from the CMULHS, competed in Germany in a scientist research contest sponsored by the World Young Researchers on Environment (WYRE) and emerged among the top 23 entries out of 73 entries worldwide.[8] They were also given research internship awards from the Merck Laboratories in the Expo 2000 in Hannover.[9]

Among CMU alumnus, Dr. Glen Gregorio, a plant breeder/geneticist of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) received one of the 2004 Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) award for his exemplary contribution in the field of plant breeding and genetics from the Junior Chamber International-Philippines.

Faculty member Dr. Amoroso, a recipient of the Ten Outstanding Young Scientists (TOYS) award in 1991, is a research scientist and is internationally known as an expert in Philippine pteridology and in biodiversity conservation. He has received 51 awards and honors and has published 59 scientific papers, manuals, and handbooks. He has been a full professor for fifteen years and now heads the Mt. Musuan Zoological and Botanical Garden and University Museum. For his work, Dr. Amoroso was conferred Scientist III by the Department of Science and Technology and holds the distinction of University Professor, the highest academic rank in the University and the whole of Region 10.

Another faculty member, Dr. Andrea Azuelo, received an award as Outstanding Teacher of the Philippines (Secondary Level) given by the Metrobank Foundation.[10]

Academic programs

Graduate School

College of Agriculture (CHED Center of Excellence)

College of Arts and Sciences (CHED Center of Excellence for Department of Biology and Center of Development for Department of Mathematics)

College of Business and Management

College of Education (CHED Center of Development)

College of Forestry and Environmental Science(CHED Center of Excellence)

College of Human Ecology

College of Nursing

College of Veterinary Medicine (CHED Center of Excellence)

College of Engineering

Institute of Computer Applications


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