Catherine Killigrew

For the 16th-century scholar, see Lady Catherine Killigrew.
Catherine Killigrew
Born 1618
Died 1689, aged 71
Cumberlow, Buntingford, Hertfordshire, England
Nationality British
Spouse(s) Sir Thomas Stanley

Catherine Killigrew (1618–1689) was the daughter of Sir Robert Killigrew and Mary Woodhouse.

Some reports erroneously have Catherine dying at Spa, Belgium in August 1654, as maid of honour to the Princess of Orange.


Her great-grandson, Granville Elliott, spent much time and trouble trying to prove that Catherine had legally married Richard Eliot, the wayward son of Sir John Eliot, and had a son and legal heir George Elliott (Granville's grandfather) by him around 1636. However, Granville was unable to show this formally. It is known that Catherine was legally single when she was executor to her mother's will in December 1656, and Richard appears in visitations as ob cael (died a bachelor). Given the amount of effort expended, and the closeness in time, it remains probable that George Elliott was the illegitimate son of Richard and Catherine.

Catherine married the widower Sir Thomas Stanley at some point after 1656, with no issue.

Catherine died in 1689 in Cumberlow, Hertfordshire.


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