Cathedrals in Spain

The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is one of the most visited temples in Spain.

The cathedrals in Spain are the diocesan churches in Spain and an important part of the nation's historical heritage due to their great historical, religious, and architectural value. For centuries, the Spanish cities were built around them. The National Programme of Cathedrals aims to protect and conserve a total of 91 houses of worship, which includes cathedrals, concathedrals and former cathedrals. The Sagrada Família in Barcelona is not a cathedral, but a parish church of the Archdiocese of Barcelona, so it is not included.

Due to the long construction time required for construction, as well as the Moorish influence in the Iberian Peninsula, several Spain's cathedrals are often an eclectic mix of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Neoclassical and Mudéjar styles.

In the Middle Ages, the first portion of the building built would be the main altar and apse. After that the construction was followed with the crossing at the transept and the nave. It was during this time that Spain's great Gothic cathedrals such as those at Burgos, Toledo, and León, were built. At the dawn of the Renaissance, Spain saw herself commanding an empire in the new world. Spanish cathedrals began to incorporate newer classically-based architectural styles as seen in Granada Cathedral. Later, wealth from the Americas financed ornate Baroque architecture such as a new façade for the Romanesque cathedral of Santiago de Compostela or the Basilica of el Pilar in Zaragoza. In post-Gothic styles, Spanish cathedrals departed from the usual Latin-cross shape and developed more open designs (such as in the neo-classical cathedral of Cádiz). A handful of Spanish cathedrals contain touches of modern architecture. The Almudena Cathedral in Madrid was not finished until 1993, and the completed church is decorated with much more modern designs than other cathedrals in the country. The construction was typically financed with the diocese mains, with royal or episcopal contributions, or with donations from the faithful. Because of this, many of the wealthier dioceses were able to construct more lavish cathedrals.

Today the cathedrals of Spain draw visitors from around the world each year, forming a significant part of the country's tourist trade.

List of cathedrals

This is the list of cathedrals in Spain sorted by denomination.

Roman Catholic

Cathedrals of the Roman Catholic Church in Spain:[1]

Archdiocese of Barcelona
Cathedral of Santa EulaliaSaint EulaliaArchdiocese of Barcelona
Sant Feliu de Llobregat CathedralSaint LawrenceDiocese of Sant Feliu de Llobregat
Terrassa CathedralHoly SpiritDiocese of Terrassa
Archdiocese of Burgos
Cathedral of BurgosVirgin MaryArchdiocese of Burgos
Cathedral of BilbaoSaint JamesDiocese of Bilbao
Cathedral of PalenciaSaint AntolinDiocese of Palencia
Cathedral of El Burgo de OsmaVirgin of the AssumptionDiocese of Osma-Soria
Co-Cathedral of San Pedro, SoriaSaint PeterDiocese of Osma-Soria
Cathedral of Santa María de VitoriaVirgin MaryDiocese of Vitoria
Archdiocese of Granada
Cathedral of GranadaVirgin of the IncarnationArchdiocese of Granada
Cathedral of AlmeriaVirgin of the IncarnationDiocese of Almeria
Cathedral of GuadixVirgin of the IncarnationDiocese of Guadix
Cathedral of JaénVirgin of the AssumptionDiocese of Jaén
Cathedral of MálagaVirgin of the AssumptionDiocese of Málaga
Concathedral of MurciaSaint MaryDiocese of Cartagena
Cathedral of CartagenaSaint MaryDiocese de Cartagena
Archdiocese of Madrid
Cathedral of MadridVirgin of AlmudenaArchdiocese of Madrid
Alcalá de Henares CathedralSaints Justus and PastorDiocese of Alcalá de Henares
Cathedral of GetafeVirgin of the MagdalenaDiocese of Getafe
Cathedral of JustoNot consecrated
Archdiocese of Mérida-Badajoz
Cathedral of BadajozSaint John the BaptistArchdiocese of MéridaBadajoz
Concathedral of CaceresVirgin MaryDiocese of CoriaCaceres
Cathedral of CoriaVirgin of the AssumptionDiocese of Coria-Caceres
Co-cathedral of Saint Mary MajorVirgin Mary Diocese of Mérida-Badajoz
New Cathedral of Plasencia Diocese of Plasencia
Old Cathedral of PlasenciaVirgin MaryDiocese of Plasencia
Archdiocese of Oviedo
Cathedral of OviedoHoly SaviorArchdiocese of Oviedo
Cathedral of AstorgaVirgin MaryDiocese of Astorga
Cathedral of LeónVirgin MaryDiocese of León
Cathedral of SantanderVirgin of the AssumptionDiocese of Santander
Archdiocese of Pamplona
Cathedral of PamplonaVirgin MaryArchdiocese of Pamplona
Calahorra CathedralVirgin MaryDiocese of Calahorra and La CalzadaLogroño
Santo Domingo de la Calzada CathedralSaint DomingoDiocese of Calahorra and La Calzada-Logroño
Cathedral of Jaca Saint PeterDiocese of Jaca
Co-cathedral of Santa María de la RedondaVirgin MaryDiocese of Calahorra and La Calzada-Logroño
Cathedral of San SebastiánGood ShepherdDiocese of San Sebastián
Cathedral of TudelaVirgin MaryDiocese of Tudela
Archdiocese of Santiago de Compostela
Cathedral of Santiago de CompostelaSaint JamesArchdiocese of Santiago de Compostela
Ferrol CathedralSaint JulianDiocese of MondoñedoFerrol
Cathedral of LugoVirgin MaryDiocese of Lugo
Cathedral of MondoñedoVirgin MaryDiocese of Mondoñedo-Ferrol
Cathedral de OurenseSaint MartínDiocese of Ourense
Cathedral de TuiVirgin MaryDiocese of TuiVigo
Concathedral of VigoVirgin MaryDiócesis of Tui-Vigo
Archdiocese of Seville
Cathedral of SevilleVirgin MaryArchdiocese of Seville
Cathedral of CádizHoly CrossDiocese of Cádiz and Ceuta
Cathedral of CeutaVirgin of the AssumptionDiocese of Cádiz and Ceuta
Cathedral of HuelvaVirgin of MercyDiocese of Huelva
Cathedral of CórdobaVirgin MaryDiocese of Córdoba
Cathedral of Jerez de la FronteraHoly SaviorDiocese of Jerez de la Frontera
Cathedral of La LagunaVirgin of Los RemediosDiocese of San Cristóbal de La Laguna
Las Palmas CathedralSaint AnneDiocese of Canarias
Archdiocese of Tarragona
Cathedral of TarragonaVirgin MaryArchdiocese of Tarragona
Cathedral of GironaVirgin MaryDiocese of Girona
Seu Vella of LleidaVirgin MaryDiocese of Lleida
Cathedral of Roda de IsábenaSaint VincentDiocese of Lleida
Cathedral of SolsonaVirgin MaryDiocese of Solsona
Tortosa CathedralVirgin MaryDiocese of Tortosa
Cathedral of UrgelVirgin MaryDiocese of Urgel
Cathedral of VicSaint PeterDiocese of Vic
Archdiocese of Toledo
Cathedral of ToledoVirgin MaryArchdiocese of Toledo
Cathedral of AlbaceteSaint John the BaptistDiocese of Albacete
Cathedral of Ciudad RealVirgin of the PradoDiocese of Ciudad Real
Cathedral of CuencaVirgin Mary and Saint JulianDiocese of Cuenca
Co-cathedral of Santa María de la Fuente la MayorVirgin MaryDiocese of SigüenzaGuadalajara
Cathedral of SigüenzaVirgin MaryDiocese of Sigüenza-Guadalajara
Archdiocese of Valencia
Cathedral of ValenciaVirgin MaryArchdiocese of Valencia
Concathedral of AlicanteSaint NicholasDiocese of OrihuelaAlicante
Castelló CathedralVirgin MaryDiocese of SegorbeCastellón
Cathedral of IbizaVirgin MaryDiocese of Ibiza
Cathedral of MajorcaVirgin MaryDiocese of Majorca
Cathedral of MinorcaVirgin MaryDiocese of Minorca
Cathedral of OrihuelaHoly SaviorDiocese of Orihuela-Alicante
Cathedral of SegorbeVirgin MaryDiocese of Segorbe-Castellón
Archdiocese of Valladolid
Cathedral of ValladolidVirgin of the AssumptionArchdiocese of Valladolid
Cathedral of ÁvilaHoly SaviorDiocese of Ávila
Ciudad Rodrigo CathedralVirgin MaryDiocese of Ciudad Rodrigo
New Cathedral of SalamancaVirgin of the AssumptionDiocese of Salamanca
Old Cathedral of SalamancaVirgin MaryDiocese of Salamanca
Cathedral of SegoviaVirgin MaryDiocese of Segovia
Cathedral of ZamoraHoly SaviorDiocese de Zamora
Archdiocese of Zaragoza
Cathedral of ZaragozaHoly SaviorArchdiocese of Zaragoza
Albarracín CathedralHoly SaviorDiocese of Teruel and Albarracín
Cathedral of BarbastroesVirgin of the AssumptionDiocese of BarbastroMonzón
Cathedral of HuescaVirgin MaryDiocese of Huesca
Cathedral of MonzónVirgin MaryDiocese of Barbastro-Monzón
Cathedral of TarazonaVirgin of la HuertaDiocese of Tarazona
Cathedral of TeruelVirgin MaryDiocese of Teruel and Albarracín
Basilica of the PillarVirgin of the Pillar


Exterior of the Cathedral of the Redeemer.

The Cathedral of the Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church:

Eastern Orthodox

Cathedrals of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople:

Cathedrals of the Romanian Orthodox Church:

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