Cathedral of Miranda do Douro

The Cathedral of Miranda do Douro (Portuguese: Sé de Miranda do Douro, Mirandese: Sé de Miranda de l Douro) is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Miranda do Douro, Portugal. It is the co-cathedral of the Diocese of Bragança-Miranda, which has its see in the Cathedral of Braganza.

Work on the cathedral began on 24 May 1552. Confirmation of its completion was sent to Pope Paul V in 1609.[1] In 1770 the see was moved to Braganza by Pope Clement XIV and the Cathedral of Miranda do Douro became the co-cathedral.[2]

Since 16 June 1910, the cathedral is protected as one of the National monuments of Portugal.[3]


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Coordinates: 41°29′36″N 6°16′25″W / 41.4933°N 6.2735°W / 41.4933; -6.2735

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