Catalina, Covasna

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Location of Catalina
Coordinates: 45°58′N 26°9′E / 45.967°N 26.150°E / 45.967; 26.150Coordinates: 45°58′N 26°9′E / 45.967°N 26.150°E / 45.967; 26.150
Country Romania
County Covasna County
Component villages Catalina, Hătuica, Imeni, Mărcuşa, Mărtineni
  Mayor Levente Tusa (since 2004) (Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania)
Population (2011)
  Total 3,378[1]

Catalina (Hungarian: Szentkatolna, Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈsɛntkɒtolnɒ]) is a commune in Covasna County, Romania, composed of five villages:

It formed part of the Székely Land region of the historical Transylvania province. Until the Treaty of Trianon, it belonged to the Háromszék County of the Kingdom of Hungary.



The commune has an absolute Székely Hungarian majority. According to the 2011 Census it has a population of 3,359 of which 98.84% or 3,320 are Hungarian.


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