Castell-Castell was a County in the Holy Roman Empire, ruled by a branch of the Counts of Castell. It was established as a partition of Castell-Remlingen in 1668, and it was partitioned between itself and Castell in 1709. It annexed the County of Castell in 1772, and was mediatised to Bavaria in 1806.

Counts of Castell-Castell (1668–1806)

(Mediatized) Counts of Castell-Castell

(Mediatized) Princes of Castell-Castell

  • Friedrich Carl, Count 1886-1901, 1st Prince 1901-1923 (1864-1923), m. Gertrud, countess of Stolberg-Wernigerode
    • Carl, 2nd Prince 1923-1945 (1897-1945), m. Anna-Agnes, princess of Solms-Hohensolms-Lich
      • Albrecht, 3rd Prince 1945-2016[1] (1925-2016), m. Marie Luise, princess of Waldeck and Pyrmont
        • Ferdinand, 4th Prince 2016-present (born 1965), m. Marie-Gabrielle, countess of Degenfeld-Schonburg
          • Carl, Hereditary Count of Castell-Castell (born 2001)



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Coordinates: 49°44′30″N 10°21′00″E / 49.7416°N 10.3499°E / 49.7416; 10.3499

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