Castel Morrone donkey

Castel Morrone donkey
Conservation status possibly extinct
Other names
  • Asino di Castel Morrone
  • Castel Morrone ass
Country of origin Italy
Distribution Province of Caserta
  • transport
  • burden
Equus asinus

The Castel Morrone donkey or Castel Morrone ass (Italian: Asino di Castel Morrone) is an extinct[1] or nearly extinct[2] breed of donkey from the area of Castel Morrone in the province of Caserta in the Italian region of Campania. Muscular and broad-backed, the animal was widely used as a means of transport in the stony hills of the district around Castel Morrone, as well as a beast of burden.[2] It is or was characterised by large ears, a large-ish head, long hooves, and a blackish-grey coat with tawny markings around the eyes.[2]


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