Carysfort (Parliament of Ireland constituency)

Former Borough constituency
for the Irish House of Commons
Former constituency
Created 1629 (1629)
Abolished 1800
Replaced by Disenfranchised

Carysfort was a borough constituency for Carysfort, County Wicklow represented in the Irish House of Commons to 1800.


In the Patriot Parliament of 1689 summoned by King James II, Carysfort was represented with two members.[1]

Members of Parliament, 1634–1801


ElectionFirst memberFirst partySecond memberSecond party
1689 Patriot Parliament Hugh Byrne Pierce Archbold [note 1]
1689 Bartholomew Polewheele
1692 Richard Edwards Thomas Whitshed
1695 William Hoey Edward Stratford
1698 Hugh Eccles
September 1703 Thomas Burroughs [note 2]
1703 Richard Thompson
1713 Robert Allen
1715 John Sale
1717 Edward Webster
1727 James Tynte [note 3]
1728 Richard Hull
1733 Hon. John Allen
1743 Stephen Trotter
1761 Sir William Osborne, 8th Bt [note 4] William Mayne [note 5]
1769 Sir Robert Deane, 5th Bt
1771 Sir Robert Deane, 6th Bt
1777 Thomas Osborne [note 6] Warden Flood
October 1783 Sir William Osborne, 8th Bt
1783 John Proby Osborne
1788 Alleyne FitzHerbert
1790 Charles Osborne
1798 Henry Osborne
1799 Robert Aldridge
1800 Mark Singleton
1801 Disenfranchised


  1. Elected, but never took his seat
  2. Declared not duly elected in 1703
  3. Also elected for Youghal in 1727, for which he chose to sit
  4. Also elected for Dungarvan in 1768, for which he chose to sit
  5. Created a baronet in 1763
  6. Succeeded as 9th Baronet in 1783



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