Cartoonists Rights Network, International

Cartoonists Rights Network, International
Focus human rights
600 editorial and social cartoonists
Key people
Robert Russell, Executive Director; Joel Pett president, and board members Michael de Adder, Nikahang Kowsar, John Lent
public donations
Slogan Protecting Your Free Speech, One Cartoonist at a Time
Mission fights to protect the human rights and the personal and creative freedom of editorial cartoonists around the world under threat, arrest, or intimidation because of the power and influence of their professional work

Cartoonists Rights Network, International is a non-profit organisation, based in the United States, that looks to protect the human rights and creative freedom of social and editorial cartoonists.

It monitors and supports the well-being of political cartoonists who find themselves in trouble and directly through affiliates has helped cartoonists to seek asylum from countries where they have been threatened, or suffered harassment, often from government authorities.[1]


  1. Cartoonists Rights Network, International: Exiled Iranian Cartoonist Seeks Safe Haven

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