Carlotta Nobile

Carlotta Nobile (Rome, 20 December 1988 – Benevento, 16 July 2013) was an Italian art historian, violinist, writer, blogger, and artistic director of Santa Sophia Academy chamber orchestra in Benevento from September 2010 up to her death.


Born into an ancient family,[1] she graduated in violin at the Conservatory when she was only 17,[2] attaining First Class Honours with Distinction, under the guide of her mentor Massimo Bacci.[2] After that, in her short but intense career, she took many specialist courses in violin like the one with Pierre Amoyal at the Mozarteum University of Salzburg.

Absolute winner of many national competitions,[3] she took the award of "Distinguished Musician" at the International Ibla Grand Prize 2007 and "Ernest Bloch Special Mention" at the International Ibla Grand Prize 2008.[3]

She combined music with her passion for arts, taking a bachelor degree cum laude in Art History Studies at Sapienza University of Rome in 2010[3] and attending the University of Cambridge (Art History International Summer Courses in 2009), the Contemporary Art Course at Sotheby's Institute of Art of New York (in 2010)[4] and taking the LUISS Master of Art 2011/2012 in Rome.[5]

In December 2010, she released her first book "Il silenzio delle parole nascoste" (the silence of hidden words), followed by "Oxymoron", published by Aracne Editrice in 2012. For several years she wrote a music column called "Righe Sonore" on the website and wrote for the magazine "Realtà Sannita".[2]

At only 22, in 2010, she became the artistic director of Santa Sophia Academy Chamber Orchestra in Benevento[2] until her premature death.

During her career, she explored the interconnections among music, contemporary art and writing, using interdisciplinarity and contamination criteria.[6]

In Rome, together with some other young scholars, she founded the group "Almost Curators", with the aim of connecting contemporary art experts with general public. As a member of "Almost Curators" group, she managed cultural events and wrote many articles on the group's blog.

In October 2011, at 22, she was diagnosed with melanoma: she tried all possible treatments and underwent several operations. In April 2012, she started, under a concealed identity, her Facebook page "Il Cancro E Poi" ("Cancer and Afterwards") that gave birth to a huge community of people suffering from cancer just like her. They identified themselves with her thoughts, finding a vital help in her words.[7][8] In August she created the related website.

During the period of her illness, playing in a duo with the pianist Martin Berkofsky, she joined "Donatori di Musica" ("donors of music"), a social community involved in bringing music concerts in the Italian cancer wards.[9][10]

In the last months of her life, she sank into a deep experience of faith.,[11][12][13][14] inspired by Pope Francis' speech that invites young people to bear the Cross with joy (24 March 2013 homily)[15] The Archbishop of Benevento Andrea Mugione remembered her as "an extraordinary example of Faith and love ending with sacrifice".[16]

After two years of struggle, she died at the age of 24.[17]


In September 2013, she posthumously received the ANLAI Prize,[18][19] and the Arechi II Prize from the Province of Benevento in June 2014.[20][21]

The Sapienza University of Rome awarded her a posthumous MA degree in Art History Studies[22][23] and, with solemnity, on 22 November 2014, dedicated to her memory the hall Aula Tre of the History of Art and Performance Arts Department "for her fine studies on the relationships among Art, Music and Writings".[24][25][26]

Thanks to the will of "Donatori di Musica" group, the music hall of the cancer ward of San Maurizio Hospital in Bolzano has borne her name from 6 August 2014.[27][28][29][30]

On 12 February 2015, the organization "Associazione Centro Studi Carlotta Nobile" was born in order to keep alive her cultural works and activities for young people; it is building a research facility that bears her name and promotes initiatives related to her passions and cultural studies.[31][32] The organization, with the partnership and the scientific supervision of the History of Art and Performance Arts Department of the Sapienza University of Rome, in October 2015, announced the competition "Premio Carlotta Nobile", consisting of €5.000 for a Master of Arts dissertation about the relationships between Art and Music.[33][34]


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