Carlos Rodríguez Braun

Carlos Rodríguez Braun (2015)

Carlos Rodríguez Braun (b. Buenos Aires, 3 December 1948) is professor of History of Economic Thought at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid,[1] and is the author of sixteen books.[2]

A correspondent member of the Argentine Academy of Economic Sciences, he is also a member of the American Economic Association, the History of Economics Society, the European Society for the History of Economic Thought and the Mont Pèlerin Society.

Braun is also a well-known figure in Spanish journalism: he was editor of España Económica and deputy editor of Cambio 16 and of the TV program El Valor del Dinero, and has published some five thousand articles in the press. At present he is columnist of La Razón, Expansión, Actualidad Económica and Libertad Digital, and participates in Spanish television programs in Antena 3 TV and Telemadrid, and radio programs in Onda Cero.


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