Carlos Higino

Carlos Higino
Minister of Transparency, Supervision and Control of Brazil
In office
30 May 2016  1 June 2016
Nominated by Michel Temer
Preceded by Fabiano Silveira
Succeeded by Torquato Jardim
Personal details
Born Carlos Higino Ribeiro de Alencar
Nationality Brazilian
Spouse(s) Manuela Sabóia Moura de Alencar
Alma mater University of São Paulo, Federal University of Ceará

Carlos Higino Ribeiro de Alencar is a Brazilian economist and politician. He was the interim and second Minister of Transparency, Monitoring and Control and was the Executive Secretary of the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU).[1][2]


Higino graduated in Economics from the University of São Paulo in 1994 and in Law from the Federal University of Ceará in 2003. He earned a master's degree in Constitutional Law at the Brazilian Institute of Public Law (IDP) in 2009, and specialized in labor law at the Community Foundation of Higher Education of Itabira (Funcesi).

Administrative career

Higino served as Internal Affairs Offices of Belém and Fortaleza for the Secretaria da Receita Federal do Brasil of the Ministry of Finance. He then served as an advisor at the now-defunct Comptroller General of Brazil (CGU). Higino, an opponent of nepotism in Brazil, was noted for the simultaneous appointment of his wife, Manuela Sabóia Moura de Alencar, as Chief of the Medical Department of the CGU. Higino and Sabóia maintained a professional distance but started their tenures at the CGU on the same day.[2][3]

Higino later served as Secretary of State for Transparency and Control of the Federal District of Brazil. He was the second Vice President of the National Council of Internal Control (CONACI). He is also an acting instructor at the School of Finance Administration of the Order of Attorneys of Brazil-Federal District.[1]


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